Thanks to Dr Clare, my skin has never looked this good. My adult acne began to improve after my first consultation — six months on, my complexion is clear enough to go without make-up. 


“Dr Clare is my secret weapon! She quickly and painlessly removed several unsightly skin tags that had been bothering me for years. She also prescribed a simple, inexpensive regimen to tackle the melasma that developed during my first pregnancy.”



“Rosacea was making me miserable and self-conscious, but my skin has been totally transformed since I started going to see Dr Clare. She’s given me my confidence back.”



“My son has suffered with eczema since birth, but Dr Clare has helped to bring it under control and, when it does flare, she’s on hand to help us manage it.”


“Dr Clare is very easy to talk to and absolutely understands my skincare concerns. She’s much more friendly and approachable than my GP, who always made me feel that my hormonal breakouts were too trivial to discuss.”


“I love Dr Clare’s holistic approach to skincare. She’s always happy to discuss how my lifestyle habits could affect my skin and she’s suggested some simple dietary changes that have definitely helped.”


“Dr Clare is lovely — and my skin has never looked better.”


 “During a routine mole check, Clare identified a lesion that wasn’t normal. She removed it immediately, and I had the biopsy results within a few days. Thankfully it was caught in good time, but if Dr Clare hadn’t spotted it when she did the outcome could have been very different. I’ve been having annual checks ever since, and I always call Dr Clare if I notice any skin changes.”


“My son was diagnosed with eczema when he was six months old, and it got steadily worse. By his second birthday, we were at breaking point. He couldn’t stop scratching and was sore and uncomfortable. It was terribly upsetting for all of us, and my husband and I were exhausted because we were up all night with him, almost every night. After endless referrals we started to despair because nothing worked — and then a friend recommended Dr Clare. We followed her advice and noticed an improvement within a couple of weeks. Twelve months on, there’s no sign of the eczema. Dr Clare achieved the impossible, and I can’t recommend her enough.”