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by Clare Patterson on 7 October 2016 14:36pm : 766

The 10th Anniversary of Botox Get-Together in London, September 2016.

Botox has now been used commercially for 10 years and Allergan celebrated this with a get-together in London. I was amazed at just how many vials of Botox we got through over the last 10 years.  This is staggering, 61 million vials.  Apparently, the number of people using Botox is set to double by 2020.

Did you know its medical uses by far  outweigh the cosmetic uses. Blepharospasm is when the muscles around the eye socket are overactive and keep closing the eye, botox  has been amazing for these people.  Patients with chronic migraine, have had massive benefits.  Spasticity in the lower limbs in adults is treated by Botox.  Juvenile cerebral palsy where there severe tightness of the calf muscles but wiith injections they can actually put their heel on the ground and therefore the development and growth of bones is no longer hindered. There are now trials going on for Botox in osteoarthritis which is wear-and-tear arthritis, depression, bladder overactivity. 

It is pretty exciting as there are some new family members on the horizon.  Allergan signed a 90 million dollar deal for the Botox cream. Kythera is  treatment of fullness under the chin, which has now been licensed in Canada and USA and the licensing process is underway here.  Can’t wait !


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