Your first appointment involves a thorough exploration of your skin issues. We’ll discuss your current skincare routine, your lifestyle, and the results you’d like to achieve, and you’ll leave with a personalised plan to improve the health of your skin. If you require any treatment, this can sometimes be carried out on the same day, and I can prescribe any necessary medication for you to pick up on your way home. You’re welcome to ask questions about treatments and prices and, if you’d like to take some time to think over your options, we can arrange a follow-up appointment.


My interest in dermatology developed from my experience of living with severe acne throughout my teens and into my twenties. Growing up in Shropshire, I would have loved to have the opportunity to talk to a dermatologist about my problem skin. My acne flared up during times of stress, and I began to notice that the more worried and self-conscious I became, the more likely I was to break out.

Over-the-counter remedies were of little help — and I tried everything — often leaving my skin sore and dry. I tried oral antibiotics for years, with little success, and it wasn’t until I moved to London to study medicine that I found a treatment that brought my acne under control. Under the supervision of a sympathetic dermatologist, I began a course of Roaccutane — and the results were life changing. This isn’t a course of treatment that’s suitable for everyone, but I’m qualified to prescribe a range of medications and therapies that can cure or control most common skin conditions and help you to look and feel your best.




“Dr Clare is very easy to talk to and absolutely understands my skincare concerns.
She’s much more friendly and approachable than my GP, who always made me feel that my hormonal breakouts were too trivial to discuss.”



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