"Your well-being is at the core of everything I do..."


"My medical training means that I can see through all the latest skincare fads..."

I'm a consultant and I've been in dermatology since 2001. I've worked in hospitals and clinics all over the UK. I’ve also worked in Australia, where I completed a PhD in skin cancer, but I recently decided to move back home to Shropshire to be close to family.  

My medical training means that I can see through all the latest skincare fads, and my friendly, informal consultations are designed to help you establish a simple and effective treatment plan that will bring your skin back into balance. I also offer a range of treatments that can firm, tone and smooth the skin, including Botox and dermal fillers. I’ll work with you to decide on the most appropriate course of treatment, so that you’ll leave looking natural and relaxed, rather than frozen or fixed. 

I understand the impact that problem skin can have on your self-confidence, so I offer dedicated teen skin consultations to help bring stressed, hormonal skin back into balance. My specialist paediatric training means that I’m also qualified to work with younger children who suffer from common skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis; I'm a mum myself, so I know how distressing skin irritations can be for young children and their families.

I'm an experienced skin surgeon, and I'm fully-trained to remove anything unsightly or suspicious. Thanks to my specialist training in Australia, I have a special interest in skin cancer checks and mole removal. Many of my patients schedule annual checks; these are quick and easy, and give great peace of mind.




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