"My simple but effective approach that is personalised for you."


"Thanks to Dr Clare, my skin has never looked this good. My adult acne began to improve after my first consultation - six months on, my complexion is clear enough to go without make-up." AMANDA

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"My son has suffered with eczema since birth, but Dr Clare has helped to bring it under control and, when it does flare, she is on hand to help us manage it." ALISON

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There was a time when BOTOX® was only available to celebrities and those who could afford expensive treatments, but fortunately availability and pricing has improved. When it's used correctly, BOTOX® can make a huge difference to your appearance - we can all put up with fine lines and wrinkles, but most of us look and feel so much better when they're gone!...Read the full story

If you associate fillers with puffed-up pillow faces then it's time to think again. Today's state-of-the-art fillers and advanced techniques are safer and more effective than ever before...Read the full story